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  • Lost Bitcoins: Do They Affect the Value of Those Remaining?

    What happens to the price of Bitcoin when all 21,000,000 have been released or gathered? How will  the lost Bitcoin’s effect things when every Bitcoin has been acquired? The price of everything is set by supply and demand....

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  • Nasdaq Open For Cryptocurrency Business As Experts Claim Bitcoin May Harm The Climate

    Although everyone has heard of cryptocurrency, relatively few know what it is and even fewer know precisely how it works, functions and has its being. What's not good either is the relatively few numbers who understand the negative...

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  • 50 Cent Forgot Millions In Bitcoin

    About $8 million in Bitcoin to be exact. Thanks to some album sales the rapper also forgot about, 50 Cent is a Bitcoin gazillionaire. How could this happen? In 2014, the California based rapper released “Animal Ambition” and...

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  • What If Your Bitcoins Go Missing

    Alex could have been a millionaire. In 2009 when the cryptocurrency was still in diapers, and a lone PC could mine several coins a day, the self-described technology enthusiast goes into it for ‘fun.' No one thought bitcoin...

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  • If The Lone Ranger Lost Bitcoins Where Would He Look

    In the dump, in the dump, in the dump, dump dump. The bitcoin stockpile which Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss started collecting in 2012 is now worth more than $1.60 billion. The Harvard Alumni best known for their legal...

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  • Are Bitcoins Really Missing?

    Synopsis: In 2014 a lot of bitcoins went missing with Mt. Gox shouted bankruptcy. Over two-hundred thousand, of 650,000 coins were found. Now with Bitcoin's value in the stratosphere, people are re-raising old questions: Where are the missing...

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