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  • Blockchain Wallets Security and Passwords

    The world of crypto currencies can be very exciting and profitable. As they have gotten mainstream attention and become more popular, and valuable, security has become much more important. The digital age has brought incredible opportunities, and challenges with it. This article aims to lay-out the importance of securing your assets, how to go about doing that, and the options available to you if you’ve lost access to your encrypted assets.

    A blockchain wallet or a cryptocurrency wallet allows users to safely store various crypto currencies. They do this by making use of public and private keys, which utilize passwords to protect against unauthorized access.

    You can think of a public key as a website domain, which can be safely given out to anyone. A private key is used by the web developer to be able to access and make changes to the website. These wallets offer additional security, and there are various types.

    Hot wallets are called such as they are connected, or online., as a hardware wallet offers a way to store crypto offline, making them inaccessible to hackers, unlike keeping your funds on an exchange.

    Regardless of the type of wallet you use, your passwords are key to ensuring your security, and access. In case you lose them, a seed phrase that consists of 12 words can be used in an attempt to recover access to your digital wallet. By entering this, you can restore your account, and enable your password to be reset. If you’ve lost this as well, you may wind leaving you locked-out and unable to regain access to your account.

    There are countless stories of lost millions from crypto “holders” who have discarded or simply been permanently locked out of there accounts, as the number of attempts can be limited to 8. This is where white hat hacking comes in. We are able to work with you, looking at past passwords and rigorously searching your computer for saved files. Our computer systems will then generate numerous variations and systematically eliminate possibilities.

    Here at Bitcoin Recovery Co., our team will do a free consultation with you to see how we might be able to help in restoring access to your digital assets. While each case will vary, we have a considerable track record from hundreds of clients, with 1000’s of Bitcoins and other digital currencies recovered. Dozens of these have been quite involved and been complicated scenarios. And we work on a results basis, which is to say it won’t cost you anything at all, if we are unable to assist.

    Feel free to drop us an inquiry and someone from our team will reach out and give you an idea as to your options and what you can expect going forward.