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  • Coinbase 2FA Issues

    Many companies have emerged in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector, but few have scaled like Coinbase. Coinbase was founded in 2012 and has grown to the point where it is now valued at somewhere around $85 billion. It also was the first major crypto-related company to go public on NASDAQ.

    However, there are some situations where traders/investors end up having Coinbase authentication issues. This is obviously a huge red flag when it comes to actually accessing your Coinbase funds, and it can lead to you not having any more access to your Coinbase funds.

    Let’s say that you can no longer access your Coinbase funds or have access to your Coinbase account. Obviously, this can be a significant issue for those that have a lot of cryptocurrency holdings. So what can you do to resolve the issue? Here, we are discussing Coinbase account recovery and what users can do if they are having 2FA issues with Coinbase.

    Lost Password

    If you are having a Coinbase lost password problem – this should be relatively easy to solve. There are ways for you to reset your Coinbase password and you should be back on your way to accessing your Coinbase funds.

    Lost Email

    Let’s say that you have been using an e-mail address for your Coinbase account, but you recently lost access to your email. If you have lots of Coinbase funds, this is obviously a huge issue! You will have to contact Coinbase and offer as much information as possible. This will obviously include your Coinbase account and Coinbase password.

    Coinbase SMS Issues

    There are also other SMS issues that you are facing. There may be a number of reasons for this. First, it could be that you are facing issues with the SMS system yourself, so you are not receiving texts that can help you access your Coinbase funds. Second, you may have gotten a new phone and the texts are getting sent to the old number. Try to figure out these Coinbase SMS issues first before thinking about next steps.

    If you have tried multiple times and are still having problems with coinbase 2 step verification, then it might be time to contact Bitcoin Recovery to help you access your Coinbase account.

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